Hi, I’m Ricky Hussmann. I’m a software developer living in Morgantown, West Virginia. Over the years I’ve worked in a lot of different areas, but my primary interest and skills are in iOS development.



  • Worked a number of iOS consulting gigs.
  • Interned at foursquare.
  • Was the Lead Mobile Engineer at Shake, and built the entire technical platform.
  • Have a cat named nibble.

I started my software career creating OpenGL visualizations for the (sadly, now defunct) West Virginia University Virtual Environments laboratory. From their I moved into the world of government contracting doing C# and .NET work for another few years.

I’ve always wanted to teach, and so I left the private sector to obtain my masters in Electrical Engineering. After three years of grinding that out, I realized that maybe a research professor wasn’t really the path for me. I was fortunate enough during that time to perform an internship on the foursquare iPhone team. I met some amazing folks and since then I’ve been a full-time iOS developer.

After foursquare I did some contracting and other work on things like: maintain a social network photo-sharing application for dog owners, build and design a mobile application for space-time messaging, contribute to ToDo.txt touch for iOS, and probably some other projects I can’t remember at the moment.

In October of 2012 I was hired as the lead mobile engineer at Shake, Inc., and built the entire technical platform from the ground up. Shake has done extremely well and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

These days I’m a software engineer at ListHub in Morgantown, WV. We work in the real-estate space, processing hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions? I’m not sure, so don’t take my word on it) of real-estate listings everyday.

I really like coffee. You can hit me up with the info that follows.

Twitter: @rhussmann

Github: rhussmann